Please find below a few common questions:

Are you an ordinary Real Estate Agent and Consultant?

I focus principally on both Sellers and Buyers. Connected to that activity arises many financial, legal and administrative questions, that I assist with. This is very common for those individuals or entrepreneurs who wants to establish themselves and their activity in France and Côte d’Azur. In these cases we agree on a consultancy fee.

My activity is established under the legal company structure SARL and I have a professional Real Estate permit with the identification: Carte Professionnelle CPI 0605 2018 000 037 664

I am also a member of the FNAIM, the French Real Estate organisation.

Where do we find you on the map?

The company name is ilani consult sarl. The office is ideally located in the Old Harbor of Nice. I am the only shareholder of the company. My network and contacts with a large number of actors related to my professional activity allows me to stay up-to-date and have the latest news. I related to the Scandinavians, the Anglophones and last, but not the least, the French. The French Chamber of Commerce of Nice and the Côte d’Azur updates me regularly on company acquisitions.

Do you receive ”Search Mandates” at a distance?

Yes, definitively. Nowadays it is very easy to communicate by WeTransfer, WhatsApp, and of course ordinary e-mail, texts and phone calls. Sometimes larger files with photos and videos are transferred, so it is important to manage, but I would say it becomes easier and easier to handle. At the same time the travelling costs are coming down, so it allows customers to visit the Côte d’Azur more frequently. If it is about finding e.g. an appartment, I prepare visiting programs according to the customer’s needs and we do joint viewings. It is saving a lot of time. The supply is enormous and the possibilities endless. This is why I put a great emphasis on the initial specific requirements. I am always trying to fit the requirements to a unique product and situation for the unique client.

If I do not feel ready to invest or buy, sell right now, can ilani consult assist me in questions arising from ”Pre-acquistion-thoughts”, e.g. questions about France and issues of financial, legal and administrative character?

Certainly. It is not unusual to need advice in various matters. E.g. matters about company structure and set-up, administrative and financial technicalities. If you decide to have fiscal residance in France, many important questions arise that can have an long term impact on your financial situation if not handled properly. Some common questions relate to insurance matters, taxes and insurances. Forward your question and I will return to you with a proposal. We agree in advance about applicable consultancy fees.

Can ilani consult assist in finding financing?

This is a very common question and very important. I have good contacts within many of the principal banks and I assist as part of a natural step when the client is looking to find a ”Life and a living on the Côte d’Azur”. som en naturlig del i ett förvärv eller fastighetsköp. Without financing, no business can take place, so we arrange bank meetings as soon as the client wish, and as soon as the project and financing need is defined.

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